Vahan Karian – Terchoonian Home Orphanage

Business consultant Vahan Karian oversees a cosmetic surgery center and weight loss groups in Marco Island, Florida. In philanthropic matters, Vahan Karian contributes to Terchoonian Home Orphanage.

Located in Gyumri, Armenia, Terchoonian Home Orphanage has cared for children for over a decade. It was created in 2003 by a grant from Vahan Terchoonian, a Turkish refugee who resided in Gyumri before moving to the United States. This donation, plus the volunteer efforts of people in the community, enabled the organization to transform a Soviet military headquarters that was damaged by an earthquake into a home for more than 70 youths and a staff of more than 50.

Over the past several years, Terchoonian Home Orphanage has raised money to build a high school. Teenagers and young adults face different educational and personal challenges than children, and the organization recognized the importance of developing a safe place for them to continue their studies. It will feature a library, a recreational facility, and classrooms. To donate to this cause, visit

Terchoonian Home Orphanage plans to name the facility after renowned Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink. Raised in an orphanage himself, Dink supported the orphanage and regularly visited it before being assassinated in 2007. The impact of his death continues to affect people around the world, and in June 2014 the European Court of Human Rights issued a decision ordering an investigation into the killing to determine the involvement of the Istanbul Police Department.


Advice for Growing a Business

A Business Consultant with many years of experience, Vahan Karian specializes in consulting with business owners in need of techniques that facilitate growth and continued relevancy. He points out that ensuring the satisfaction of current clients represents one critical way to secure growth, because important clients discuss their favorite businesses and products with friends and family, who may become new customers.

Businesses should also continually reevaluate their core customer base in order to guarantee that they market and deliver their services properly. Many companies attempt to advertise their products to the wrong types of customers and through the wrong channels. Extensive market research allows business owners to learn exactly whom to target; they can then use communication methods sure to reach those populations, such as social networking, magazine advertisements, and radio and television commercials.

Last, never expect customers to purchase a product simply because they know about it. Above all, customers respond to appealing offers such as discounts, samples, and free merchandise. After gathering accurate market data, put together an offer designed specifically for the target customer and then reach out.

Vahan Karian – Cosmetic Surgery in Florida

Based out of Marco Island, Florida, Vahan Karian serves as a business consultant and is a business owner. The proprietor of a chain of fitness centers, Vahan Karian also runs Cypress Cosmetic Surgery Center, LLC, which employs licensed cosmetic surgeons to improve the appearance and well-being of patients.

Popular among men as well as women, cosmetic surgery provides numerous ways for people to change their appearances. Between 1997 and 2013, the number of men undergoing surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures rose by 103 percent. Liposuction, or the removal of fat by vacuuming it from specific parts of the body, accounts for one of the most commonly performed techniques; over a quarter-million patients opted for the procedure in 2011 alone.

In 2012, Florida passed a law increasing the safety of the liposuction procedure. This legislation requires that physicians who remove at least two pounds of fat from a patient do so in an officially sanctioned location, such as a hospital or surgery center. Doctors, the Florida Medical Association, and the Florida Board of Medicine all supported the law in order to enhance the success of the procedure and the health of the client. As part of the licensing, practitioners must possess general life-support training, and their facilities must contain certain equipment. Log onto for more information or to learn about specific licensing requirements.

Terchoonian Home Orphanage and Terchoonian Children’s Home Foundation

Over the course of almost 20 years, founder and former chairman and chief executive officer of LA Weight Loss Centers, Inc., Vahan Karian grew the successful enterprise to 800 stores. Currently CEO of a business consulting firm, Vahan Karian supports the work of Terchoonian Home Orphanage. Located in Gyumri, Armenia, Terchoonian Home Orphanage opened in 2003. On the site of a former orphanage managed by Near East Relief, Terchoonian Home now houses 74 children, with 54 staff members dedicated to the children’s welfare.

A year after its establishment, orphanage volunteers received nonprofit charitable status as the Terchoonian Children’s Home Foundation. The foundation exists to raise funds and provide supplies to the Armenian orphanage. So far, Terchoonian Children’s Home Foundation donations have resulted in sending 15 shipments of such necessities as clothing, school supplies, and sports equipment. Foundation workers maintain a mission to meeting every emotional, physical, and spiritual need of Terchoonian Home’s orphans. Comprised of volunteers who work in donated office space, the foundation’s donations go directly to the orphanage.

LA Weight Loss Centers Programs

Former chairman and CEO of LA Weight Loss Centers, Inc., Vahan Karian led the rapidly growing company for more than 18 years. During his tenure at the helm, Vahan Karian expanded his company from a single store in Feasterville, Pennsylvania, to 800 stores nationwide.

More than just weight loss, LA Weight Loss programs help clients develop and maintain healthy lifestyles so they can keep off the weight they lose and live more satisfying lives. The three-step approach helps individuals achieve quick and safe weight loss. Clients lose weight by following the LA menu plan, by snacking on LA Bars, and by taking LA nutritional supplements, which provide supplements to cleanse and help participants feel full longer.

LA Weight Loss offers three programs – silver, gold, and platinum – to meet individual weight loss objectives. The silver program offers a simple to follow weight loss plan that keeps off weight and teaches individuals how to eat better while still eating what they enjoy. The gold plan adds a jump start to the metabolism and ways to improve energy levels. Followers of the platinum plan also receive flexible meal combos to meet the needs of their busy lives.

How to Grow a Small Business, Part 1

by Vahan Karian

Unless you are blessed with a staggering amount of capital, your business will begin like any other: small and vulnerable to the pitfalls of growth. For several years, I have lent my business expertise to companies eager to grow from minor operations into nationally known brands. The following tips and strategies have served me well in my efforts to evolve small businesses.

1. Draft a Business Plan You might think that taking the time to create a business plan tailored to developing your company to be a waste of time. After all, payroll, sales, and other concerns likely dominate your work time. However, just as a business plan helps lay the groundwork for starting a company, they prove as effective for expanding one. Writing a plan will force you to think long-term on subjects such as sales, marketing, product development, and other issues.

2. Reduce Expenses In your campaign to grow, certain aspects of your company must shrink. The advice likely seems paradoxical, but it makes good business sense: cutting costs in unnecessary areas frees up capital that better serves some other, more vital avenues. Examine your records and statistics, looking for ways to eliminate, consolidate, and trim. For example, some companies might consider trading goods and services rather than accepting a conventional payment.

3. Broaden Your Network Remember, who you know is as important in business as what you know. As you seek to expand, you may need the aid of others familiar with the road you walk. Make friends in a wide array of industries that you can call upon later when you need help. Of course, they may see fit to call upon you in return.

Vahan Karian’s Business Growth Tips: The “Freemium” as a Growth Strategy

Entrepreneur and business consultant Vahan Karian talks about the value of “freemium” offerings in growing a business, in running both startups and large, established companies.—

The term “freemium” was coined in 2006 to describe the business model of giving away a service in order to create a large base of loyal users, some of which would then return to purchase an enhanced version of the service. Since that time, countless businesses have built success on the freemium model. Done right, freemium doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated, and it has the potential to turn your brand into a household name through much-coveted word-of-mouth advertising.

Most freemium products are online services. The most common approach is to support them with advertising, and the larger the base of active users, the more success the company will have in attracting quality advertisers. This is essentially the model employed by the free entertainment papers found on many city street corners.

Another option is to give away the product without advertising, but offer an enhanced version for payment. Given a large enough user base, even a small conversion rate will lead to long-term profitability. Online companies like file syncing service Dropbox rely on this principle.

The key to success in the freemium market involves the creation of a great product or service that many people want to use and talk about. If you limit the freemium product too much, it won’t receive organic, word-of-mouth adoption and your efforts will be wasted. It is better to err on the side of too much functionality than too little. After all, if you have nothing new to offer in the premium version, you simply limit your business model to advertising revenue, which is a viable choice.

Another important consideration in freemium offerings is scalability. Do not offer a freemium product with the same cost-per-user into perpetuity. This may be manageable with 10,000 users, but the overhead might bankrupt you at 10 million users.

These qualifications aside, you have an infinite number of ways to make a freemium product work for your company, whether you run an online business or a traditional, bricks-and-mortar one.