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Advice for Growing a Business

A Business Consultant with many years of experience, Vahan Karian specializes in consulting with business owners in need of techniques that facilitate growth and continued relevancy. He points out that ensuring the satisfaction of current clients represents one critical way to secure growth, because important clients discuss their favorite businesses and products with friends and family, who may become new customers.

Businesses should also continually reevaluate their core customer base in order to guarantee that they market and deliver their services properly. Many companies attempt to advertise their products to the wrong types of customers and through the wrong channels. Extensive market research allows business owners to learn exactly whom to target; they can then use communication methods sure to reach those populations, such as social networking, magazine advertisements, and radio and television commercials.

Last, never expect customers to purchase a product simply because they know about it. Above all, customers respond to appealing offers such as discounts, samples, and free merchandise. After gathering accurate market data, put together an offer designed specifically for the target customer and then reach out.