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Vahan Karian – Cosmetic Surgery in Florida

Based out of Marco Island, Florida, Vahan Karian serves as a business consultant and is a business owner. The proprietor of a chain of fitness centers, Vahan Karian also runs Cypress Cosmetic Surgery Center, LLC, which employs licensed cosmetic surgeons to improve the appearance and well-being of patients.

Popular among men as well as women, cosmetic surgery provides numerous ways for people to change their appearances. Between 1997 and 2013, the number of men undergoing surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures rose by 103 percent. Liposuction, or the removal of fat by vacuuming it from specific parts of the body, accounts for one of the most commonly performed techniques; over a quarter-million patients opted for the procedure in 2011 alone.

In 2012, Florida passed a law increasing the safety of the liposuction procedure. This legislation requires that physicians who remove at least two pounds of fat from a patient do so in an officially sanctioned location, such as a hospital or surgery center. Doctors, the Florida Medical Association, and the Florida Board of Medicine all supported the law in order to enhance the success of the procedure and the health of the client. As part of the licensing, practitioners must possess general life-support training, and their facilities must contain certain equipment. Log onto for more information or to learn about specific licensing requirements.